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Detailing Services

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Deep Down Cleaning and Restoring

You won’t believe it’s the same car with Dolphins Fast Detail. Experienced, specially trained car care specialists go to work on key areas of your vehicle – cleaning and treating the interior and exterior to restore that “new car look.” At the same time, it prevents rust and oxidation that can ruin your car’s appearance and. Dolphins exceptional care and attention to detail ensures optimal results. Appointments are not required.

It never looked so good

Fast, efficient, thorough – Dolphins Fast Detail delivers the results you want, with premium car care products and superior service
All detail services include a Dolphins Gold Package Wash.

Meguiars Hand Wax – High quality, non-abrasive Meguiars Carnuba wax is hand-applied and removed to restore your vehicle’s shine and protect it from contaminates.

Carpets & Mats – Stains and soils are pre-treated, followed by a thorough steam cleaning

Seats – Cloth seats are deep steam cleaned, while leather and vinyl seats are cleaned and conditioned.

Dash, Doors, & Console– Thorough cleaning & dressing of the interior dash, interior panels, center console, vents, windows, and extra vacuuming

Engine Cleaning & Dressing – A degreaser is sprayed on the engine, followed by a high-pressure steam clean. All under-hood plastics and rubber are cleaned and dressed.

Odor Eliminator – A Vapor Tek treatment is used to eliminate pet, tobacco and other odors throughout the vehicle’s interior.

Express Detail Services

Quick Wax - A fast liquid wax, applied by hand. Add to any wash for $25(SUVs, mini-vans and pick-ups $35)

Rim Cleaning - Cleans excess brake dust, tar and other road grime from rims utilizing a powerful solvent. (By estimate only)

Headlight Restoration - This service restores clarity to your head lights and improves visibility at night, Add to any wash for $69.95 for all CARs and SUVs.

Why stop there?

Dolphins is serious car care. Let us show you with premium services that are often not available anywhere else. Estimates are provided upon request.

Buffing – Restore your paint finish and remove light scratches with our high-speed rotary buffing machine.

Tar Removal – Effectively remove tar from your paint finish utilizing a powerful solvent. A hand wax is recommended following.

Claying – Eliminate overspray from paint and metal grindings with a non-toxic clay bar.

Rain-X – Specially formulated for tough four-season conditions, this protective coating for windows repels water and helps with ice removal.

Mist – Fight Germs and Odors with Dolphins Air Quality Mist Service for your interior. Just $39.99.

Detailing Makes a Great Gift

Purchase a Dolphins Gift Card for a gift they’ll think about every time they drive.
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